Réunions de travail

MAC Business Meeting
Tuesday, May 31st, 8am – 5pm
Yukon College President’s Boardroom (A1130)

GAC Outgoing Council Meeting
May 30-31, 9-4pm (Yukon College Room T1023)

GAC Annual Business Meeting
June 1st, 4-5pm (Yukon College Room A2204 – Lecture Hall)

GAC Volcanology and Petrology Division Meeting
June 1st, 5-6pm (Yukon College Room A2103)

Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences (CJES) Editorial Board Meeting
June 2nd, 11:30am – 1pm (Yukon College Room A2103)

GAC Mineral Deposits Division (MDD) meeting
June 2nd, 4-5pm (Yukon College Room A2103)

MAC Members Meeting
June 2nd, 5-6pm (Yukon College Room A2406)

GAC Canadian Tectonics Group (CTG) Division Meeting
June 2nd, 5-6pm (Yukon College Room A2402)

GAC-MAC Joint Executive Meeting
June 3rd, 6:45 – 9 am (President’s Boardroom A1130)

GAC Incoming Council Meeting
June 3rd, 4-5pm (Yukon College President’s Boardroom (A1130))

Canadian Geological Foundation Meeting
May 31st, 8am-5pm (Shopper’s Plaza Boardroom (4th floor), on the corner of Main St. and 3rd Avenue)